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Everyone who loves 'cycling with attitude' is welcome.
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The dates for 2015

The dates for 2015
2. Februar 2015 jvr

After some serious consideration, we have plotted a wild plan for 2015, the 5th annual Style Ride … We will host TWO rides this year!

THE CITY TOUR. One, the well-known Zurich city tour with over 200 bicycles and people of all kinds, will start on Saturday, June 13th in the early afternoon – details will be released here. This is the big show that everybody talks about, so be sure you register in time, since we give out only 250 starting numbers.

THE COUNTRY CRUISE. For the first time, we will host a second style ride, taking us out of town, to the countryside and to some magic gardens and lakes, where all participants will gather for a big picknick out in the green. This tour is a bit longer (25 km) and will take place on Saturday, August 29th. Please register for this ride in time!

More details, partners, route and so on to be announced. Come back frequently.

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