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No Style Ride for 2019

No Style Ride for 2019
28. Januar 2019 jvr
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For various personal and organizational reasons there will be no official Style Rides held during the year 2019. We will try to pick up the pieces and reassemble them for the year 2020. Thanks for understanding.

In the meantime, we highly recommend you the following events:

CONCOURS VELO Lausen, March 31st, second edition of the very well curated bike rarities show selected by Stephan Schaefter, an experted jury will select the „Best of Show“.

KRITERIUM Murten, April 27th, a vintage round course race through the old, cobblestoned town of Murten, to be held for the first time after 1980.

LONDON TWEED RUN will announce the date for the next Tweed Run in February 2019. It is likely to be held in early May.

TWEED RUN Oldenburg, a cycling event in the harbour of Oldenbourg, to be held on May 12th,

ANJOU VELO, July 5th to 7th, Saumur (F) – a legendary gathering of all sorts of bike lovers and stylish individuals, with various routes for different levels,

RIDE BERET & BAGUETTE Paris, the makers of this lovely cycling festival have promised to deliver a 2019 edition, most likely second half of June … watch Beret & Baguette on Facebook to receive updates.

BERGKÖNIG Gstaad, 6. – 8. Sept. 2019, a three day vintage race bike festival in the heart of the Swiss alps, wonderful place and very dedicated team behind it.

L’EROICA in Italy has various international offsprings, but the original vintage race bike festival will be held on October 6th in Gaiole and the hills of Tuscany.

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